About Aire

Our objective is to help foster networking amongst economists at Leeds University and to open up avenues for collaboration with external agencies including industry and government, facilitating economics outreach to society at large

AIRE aims to bring together Leeds’ economists based across the University and the City to develop visionary new projects.  It hopes to achieve this aim by acting as a communication nexus, a centre pulling people together and providing open some space for new thinking.

The University of Leeds, located just above the River Aire, has been taking steps to deepen its commitment to collaboration across borders. The Applied Institute for Research in Economics (AIRE), is being developed as a vehicle for building collaborations, communication and community among University of Leeds economists, who are spread out among five different faculties.

What defines economists across the University of Leeds faculties is their dedication to applying the tools and principles of economics and political economy to societal challenges at different scales – global, national, local. Economics provides analytical frameworks and empirical methods for comprehending behavioural logics and streams of shifting data. Political economy decodes the linkages between economic systems and the political, social, cultural and ecological realms in which they are embedded. Because of the increasingly complex and connected character of the challenges confronting humanity, it is fundamentally important to connect economists and economic logic with other academic disciplines, with city-region actors, with national authorities, and with global forces and movements.  AIRE will help to foster and enhance these connections with a view to preparing joint funding bids