The Centre for Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (C-Tie)

C-TIE at a glance

C-TIE aims to be a leading hub for research and engagement activities by investigating the entrepreneurial, organizational, strategic and institutional factors that shape successful innovation processes. While our focus is on technological innovation, our core members explore innovation from an array of disciplinary and methodologically inspired perspectives. To ensure we are impactful our centre is joined by a select group of innovation professionals that participate in setting the Centre research direction. The current focus of our research strengths are in the following areas:

-          The strategic management of innovation in complex organizations;

-          Innovation dynamics, especially in the field of emergent medical technologies;

-          Organizational process innovation and

-          Micro-foundations of entrepreneurship and innovation.              

As an indicator of our growth trajectory cTIE has a number of successes and works in progress. cTIE received a significant boost with major grant success and strategic appointments that will enable us to implement and execute an ambitious and exciting agenda. The Marie Curie European Industrial Doctorate Network in collaboration with Ericsson will enable cTIE researches to plunge deeply into exploring strategic responses to disruptive technological changes. Strong research relationship with Ericsson creates an opportunity to develop a strong impact case. A set of high-profile international events will be organized to demonstrate the strength of innovation management research at LUBS.

cTIE has developed a strong partnership with the Innovation Knowledge Centre for Medical Technologies at the University of Leeds, which has received £3M funding to support medical innovation. cTIE is currently recruiting an University Academic Fellow to strengthen research on innovation dynamics in medical devices that will complement engineering research at the IKC. Vicky Bamiatzi’s expertise in Mergers & Acquisitions will help to explore industrial convergence in health. A small research grant from the British Academy won by Matthew Mount will be used to investigate the efficacy of crowdsourcing for developing solutions in health. Effie Kesidou’s research on innovation for a low carbon economy helps us to understand better how sustainability, another grand societal challenge, drives innovation.        

In September cTIE welcomed Tyrone Pitsis who brings to the group his expertise in organizational innovation. Tyrone is forming significant strategic relationships with the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management, where he will be exploring the innovation of governance systems for the delivery of complex government megaprojects.  Tyrone is working closely with Krsto Pandza and James Roberts in shaping engagement with cTIE’s corporate partners.

Hannah Dean joined cTIE after winning a three year British Academy Fellowship. Hannah will work closely with Jean Clarke who leads the research stream on micro-foundations of entrepreneurship with a particular interest on how entrepreneurs persuade investors to fund their venture. Many of these ventures are technology focused and this significantly contributes to our understanding of the foundational drivers of innovation. 

ESRC Research Fellow Sanaz Sigaroudi is working on delivering the second round of The European Manufacturing Survey (EMS). EMS is a consortium of research institutes and universities co-ordinated by the Fraunhofer Institute. This European-wide database enables the exploration of data in order to model innovation trends in high-value added manufacturing.