The Centre for Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (C-Tie)

The Centre for Technology, Innovation and Engagement (C-Tie)

The Centre for Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (C-Tie)

C-TIE is a management research centre that brings together researchers and practitioners interested in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Incorporating insights from strategy, leadership, organizational theory, information management and sociology of technology the Centre strives for a better informed understanding of the multifaceted nature of innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly in scientific, technological, manufacturing and service settings.

The ventures pursuing such new opportunities can be part of incumbent organizations or they may take the form of independent start-ups.

Within C-TIE we attempt to explain the origins, antecedents, nature, and consequences of entrepreneurial and innovative efforts and their outcomes in terms of performance, innovation, organizational capabilities and wider impacts for society.

This site offers a brief introduction to the activities and range of interests of C-Tie.

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