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Strategic Management of Technology Innovation Event

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Event date: Jul 14 2014 09:00 to 17:00
Weetwood Hall, Otley Road, Leeds

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The increasing pressure for more open innovation processes requires a major shift in understanding and action. The rapid evolution of markets and competitive spaces suggests that companies of all sizes need to venture well beyond incremental improvements of existing products to maintain and enhance their positions. New technological opportunities and challenges increasingly blur the line between product, business model and organizational innovation. Grand social challenges create new business opportunities but require engagement and co-operation with organisations across different industries, institutional environments and wider society. These innovation challenges need fresh and original approaches to leadership and management if they are to be surmounted and exploited.

The workshop will address several key themes, including:

 open innovation, internationalisation, the leadership and management of innovation and organisational structures in innovative companies. A full outline of the day will be circulated in advance.

For further information please contact Alistair Hay at the Professional Services Hub

( / 0113 343 1909)

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