MSc Business Analytics & Decision Sciences

Programme Director: Professor Alan Pearman

The MSc Business Analytics and Decision Sciences programme delivers the knowledge and understanding of how business analytics can provide evidence to support management decision-making. Students learn how to use different evidence-based approaches to make effective decisions, developing skills in quantitative analysis. The programme covers advanced techniques such as forecasting, neural networks, big data systems, clustering, optimisation and artificial intelligence. Students will have the opportunity to apply these techniques to real-life business and management scenarios. Students additionally gain an understanding of research methods and management consultancy while also being able to choose optional modules that offer specialist knowledge on areas such as behavioural finance, information management and risk perception.

Previous cohorts of students from the programme have worked on industrial projects with companies like Premier Farnell and have presented at international conferences on operational research. Students who have graduated from the programme have been very successful at finding employment as data analysts, data scientists and risk analysts for companies such as IBM, Cognizant, Nationwide, Lazada, IRI and a number of different consultancy firms.

Full details of the programme and how to apply can be found here.

Some of the first cohort of Business Analytics and Decision Science students with Dr Richard Hodgett

Highlights from the 2014/15 Cohort

The Premier Farnell Leadership Challenge

Students on CDR's MSc Business Analytics & Decision Sciences have taken part in a “Leadership Challenge” with Premier Farnell organised by Jo Lumb, Engagement Manager in the Business School’s Management Division.

Saptarshi Ray of the MSc explained “We are taking part in the leaders' challenge with one of the finest e-commerce companies in the world; Premier Farnell. We have got the challenge of demonstrating how big data analytics can help the company to improve their revenue and organisational efficiencies. We will be working as consultants for one month and will provide our suggestions to them.

“With the guidance of our Programme Director, Professor Alan Pearman, we undertook research on the company background and their business policy before going to the company and meeting their top personnel. Premier Farnell gave us a short presentation about their company and also briefed us on their current challenges and what they expect from us. We were given the opportunity to ask key questions to help with the challenge.

“It is a great experience for us to work as real life analytics consultants, which most of the students on our course aspire to be in their future career. We are grateful to Premier Farnell and the University of Leeds for providing us with this opportunity.”

The student group's analysis of the company's position was very well received and they subsequently were invited to make a full presentation to senior UK and US managers.

The team at Premier Farnell with Professor Barbara Summers

Presenting at EURO2015

Euro2015 is a major academic conference in the OR area. Two MSc students, Saptarshi Ray and Ryzky Yudha presented papers:

Saptarshi Ray presented a talk titled “Association rules mining and cross correlation using Apriori algorithm to the financial market: The case with respect to UK Stock market and Global cues” and Ryzky Yudha presented a talk titled “Matching Critical Success Factors of Employee Performance to Help the Recruitment Process in Analysing Candidate Profiles by Incorporating Social Media Analytics”

Staff from the Centre for Decision Research also presented papers:

  • Simon McNair, Alan Pearman, Ken-Ichi Shimomura and Barbara Summers, An experimental exploration of behaviour patterns in a mixed strategy two-person game
  • Michele Lundy, Sajid Siraj and Salvatore Greco, Addressing weaknesses in pairwise comparison based prioritization methods – can the spanning tree approach help?
  • Richard Hodgett, ChemDecide – a MCDA software for the chemical-using industries
2015/16 cohort