Frederike Scholz


PhD title:Disability discrimination and the recruitment process: responding to legal and technological developments’.

Around 15%, 1 billion people of the world´s population suffer from a diversity of disabilities (World Health Organisation, 2012). Due to increased environmental influences and the ageing societies this number is expected to rise in the following years (Vincente and Lopez, 2010).  Information and communication technologies (ICT) have become a big part of everyday life affecting the ways in which people work, shop, learn, recreate and communicate with others. These developments would benefit disabled people the most in eliminating barriers in normal life activities, nevertheless the lack of research on ICT puts people with disabilities behind the rest of the population when it comes to using the Internet (Vincent and Lopez, 2010).

My doctorial research stresses that there exists a significant ´gap´ between levels of employment of disabled and non-disabled people. Moreover despite growing acknowledgement of the business benefits of equality and diversity within organisations, the value of disabled talent is often overlooked. The focus of this study is recruitment and selection, these are important ‘processes’ where discriminatory practices can be a key barrier to the participation of disabled workers within paid employment.

This project aims:
•    To gain a greater understanding of the complex dynamics of disability discrimination in the context of contemporary approaches to recruitment.
•    To explore ways in which recruitment processes can be made more enabling.
•    To critically explore the role of ‘business led’ voluntary approaches in delivering equality in recruitment.
•    To identify areas of good practice.

Research Supervisor(s)
Dr. Liz Oliver, Dr Jane Holgate, Professor Robert MacKenzie of the Work and Employment Relations Division.

Project partner: The Clear Company

The Clear Company is an extremely successful organisation with more than a decade of experience and a track record of assisting public and private sector companies and charities to achieve their full potential by improving diversity in recruitment and talent management.