Professor Andrew Brown - BA, MA (Leeds), Ph.D. (Middlesex)


Telephone: +44 (0)113 343 6859

I am Professor of Economics and Political Economy, and have been based at LUBS since Nov 2000. My research spans several levels of abstraction and can be grouped under several headings:

Job Quality (with Andy Charlwood, Chris Ford and David Spencer)

My joint work on job quality stems initially from a DTI (now BERR) grant, awarded in 2006, to study job quality in Great Britain using the Work and Employment Relations Survey. This resulted in the report entitled Changing Job Quality in Great Britain 1998-2004 which has received ministerial interest, including being cited in a speech by Alistair Darling available at, and has been widely cited and reported. We have published in the Cambridge Journal of Economics and have given invited presentations at the DTI (now BERR), the Work Foundation, and Compass (in conjunction with CERIC). Our paper on the impact of HRM on job satisfaction won the prestigious Prof. Ian Beardwell Prize at the CIPD professional standards conference.

Critical Realism and Economic Methodology

With the retreat from both positivist and post-modernist perspectives, realist approaches such as critical realism continue to gain ground in the social sciences. I have long been a sympathetic critic of critical realism, as reflected in various publications, including articles in the Cambridge Journal of Economics, the Journal of Economic Methodology and the Journal of Post Keynesian Economics. The book entitled Critical Realism and Marxism (co-edited with Steve Fleetwood and John Roberts) has become a standard reference in the area (see, e.g., the review article in the Journal of Critical Realism). I delivered a keynote address, with Steve Fleetwood, to the 2001 Annual Conference of the International Association for Critical Realism, based on our introduction to the book. Turning to economic methodology and political economy more broadly, I was organiser (with John Davis) of the International Network for Economic Method Conference at Weetwood Hall, Leeds, in 2003, and I jointly organised the 2004 Association for Heterodox Economists conference at LUBS.

Dialectics, Value Theory and Political Economy

My most abstract work develops the materialism and dialectics of E.V. Ilyenkov (a Russian philosopher, closely associated with ‘activity theory’) as a basis for political economy, and engages in contemporary debates on value theory. I see this work as a ‘deepening’ of the approach to value and political economy initiated by Ben Fine (SOAS), and am accordingly involved in the ‘International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy’ based at SOAS. My publications in this area include journal articles in the Cambridge Journal of Economics and the Journal of Economic Methodology. I was on the editorial board of the leading journal in the area, Historical Materialism, from 1998 to 2002 and issue editor of the symposium in that journal on the global economic crisis, 1999, nos 4–5.

The Economics of the Euro (with Philip Arestis and Malcolm Sawyer)

My joint work on the Euro (undertaken from 1999 to 2003) drew on Post Keynesian political economy (an effective counter to orthodox theory at a relatively concrete level). Journal publications included articles in the International Review of Applied Economics and the Eastern Economic Journal. Our 2001 book, The Euro: Evolution and Prospects, was cited prominently in an invited memorandum by my co-authors in evidence for the Treasury Committee Sixth Report available at:

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