CIBUL, the Centre for International Business at the University of Leeds, is the UK's premier research centre in the field of international business and is a leading centre internationally.

Professor Peter Buckley - The Founder of CIBUL
Professor Annie Wei- Head of International Business Division
Dr Emmanuella Plakoyiannaki - Director of CIBUL

Since its launch in 1995, CIBUL has pursued a research strategy based on teamwork and co-authorship, well suited to the multidisciplinary nature of its field. Drawing on the resources of the internationally renowned University of Leeds, one of the largest research-led institutes in the UK, and of Leeds University Business School, CIBUL is able to unite the leading experts in international business.

Working alongside major public-sector bodies and private companies, CIBUL focuses on a range of topics related to international business - from the global determinants and impact of foreign direct investments (FDI), to the internationalisation strategies of firms and countries. With its innovative and dedicated approach to this broad field of research, CIBUL, founded by the distinguished Professor Peter J Buckley, has achieved global recognition.

Following a decade of growth, thanks to the successful pursuit of major funding, CIBUL has taken responsibility for two other key research groups. These are the Centre for Chinese Business and Development (CCBD), a joint venture between the Business School and the Department of East Asian Studies and the James E Lynch India and South Asia Business Centre, one of the first centre's of its type in the UK.

CIBUL is a constituent member of the White Rose East Asia Centre (WREAC), Universities of Leeds and Sheffield, funded by the Language based area studies initiative (AHRC/ESRC/HEFCE/SFC) with £4.5m funding (2006-2011).

CIBUL is a member of the CIBER (Centre for International Business Education and Research) together with Yorkshire Universities, funded by UKTI (Trade and Investment).

This expansion has been made possible in part by CIBUL’s record of securing ‘research only’ posts funded from outside Leeds University Business School. Over the past five years, CIBUL has been awarded two Foundation for Management Education (FME) funded Research Officer posts, two University Research Fellowships as well as a further three-year research post, two three-year ESRC Management Research Fellowships and an ESRC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship. In addition to these research posts, two teaching posts have been funded through competitive applications under Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) initiatives: a Lectureship in Business Development in Emerging Markets (Review of Former Soviet and East European Studies) and a Lectureship in Chinese (Review of Chinese Studies).

CIBUL was created a Gold Peak of University of Leeds in the first designation of Research Peaks in 2005.