Research Methods and Other PhD Related Literature

General research methods readings

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Selected literature on quantitative methods

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Selected literature on qualitative methods

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Examples of Quantitative Theses

Kokko, A. (1992). Foreign direct investment, host country characteristics and spillovers. Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm.

Gunnar F. (1996). R&D and technology transfer by multinational enterprises. Stockholm School of Economics, Distribution: Almoqvist & Wiksell International Stockholm, Sweden.

Examples of Qualitative Theses

Harris, S. (2003). National Values and Strategy Formation by Business Leaders. PhD Thesis. University of Leeds.

Marschan, R. (1996). New Structural Forms and Inter-Unit Communication in Multinationals. The case of KONE Elevators. PhD Thesis. Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration, (ISSN 1237-556X, ISBN 951-791-009-6).

Scott-Green, S. (2002). Market Servicing Strategies of Multinational Banks in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. PhD Thesis. University of Leeds.

Other useful readings

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