The Business Confucius Institute has a new Director

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After three years as Executive Director and one and a half years as Deputy Director at the Business Confucius Institute at the University of Leeds, Dr Hinrich Voss is stepping down. Giles Blackburne, formerly Executive Director at the China Britain Business Council and a good friend of the Business Confucius Institute, will take over the role on 1st April.

Dr Voss said, "The last four and a half years with the Business Confucius Institute have been wonderful. Establishing and developing the Institute in cooperation with the former and current directors (Peter J Buckley, Bo Wang, and Hongwei Yan) and Ellen Wang has been exciting and eventful. We have managed to establish an Institute that is adding value to the University of Leeds and the wider region through its Chinese Mandarin training and cultural outreach activities. Partnerships with the Royal Armouries, Leeds City Museum, Hyde Park Picture House, and the Impressions Gallery, to name but a few, have the potential to grow further and bring a varied and colourful view on China to the Leeds City Region. A greater understanding of China will hopefully also encourage more Yorkshire companies to explore market opportunities in China, or with Chinese investors in the UK. The Business Confucius Institute and the Business School are here to support this process where possible. I am delighted that Giles is taking over the Institute as he comes with immense China expertise.”

Dr Giles Blackburne said, “Through the hard work of Hinrich and the team, The Business Confucius Institute at the University of Leeds is already well established and known throughout the region for delivering high quality activities. I am looking forward to both maintaining the momentum and also to seeking new ways to promote Chinese language and culture, together with the Business School’s expertise on China, to the business community and beyond.”

Dr Giles Blackburne is Associate Professor of International Business Education at Leeds University Business School. Prior to joining the University of Leeds, he was Executive Director at the China Britain Business Council where he worked for 11 years. Giles has also taught at the University of Abertay Dundee, the University of St Andrews and the University of Glasgow. He has a wealth of experience related to International Business and Chinese Business Culture, and speaks excellent Mandarin!

See his staff profile here.

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