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We are an accredited test centre offering official exams to demonstrate your Chinese level

The National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (HANBAN) offers various international standardised tests of Chinese language proficiency for non-native Chinese speakers. At our test centre we offer the written HSK, BCT, and YCT exams.

Which exam is right for you?

YCT (Youth Chinese Test)

The Youth Chinese Test (YCT) assesses young foreign students' abilities to use Chinese in their daily and academic lives.

It was launched by Hanban in an effort to encourage foreign young students to learn Chinese and improve their Chinese language proficiency.

The YCT consists of a writing test and a speaking test, which are independent of each other.

The writing test has four levels (YCT I, II, III, and IV).

The speaking test has two levels (Beginner and Intermediate).

BCT (Business Chinese Test)

The Business Chinese Test (BCT) assesses the candidate's ability to use the Chinese language in real business or common working environments.

The BCT is divided into writing and oral tests, which are independent of each other.

The writing test consists of two levels (BCT A and BCT B). The speaking and listening test (BCT Oral iBT) is a Computer Adaptive Test conducted online.

HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test)

The Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) assesses the candidate's ability to use the Chinese language in their daily, academic and professional lives.

Having a HSK Proficiency Certificate will give you an advantage in the job market as well as in related academic fields. A HSK mark is also often required if you want to apply for any of the scholarships offered by Hanban.

There are six levels. Visit the Chinese Test website or download this guide for detailed information, including vocabulary requirements for each level and the format of the exam.

HSK Exam Dates

Test Date Registration Deadline Results Released
Saturday 22 April 2017 26 March 2017 22 May
Sunday 15 October 2017 18 September 2017 15 November
Saturday 11 November 2017 15 October 2017 11 December

BCT Exam Dates

Test Date Registration Deadline Results Released
Sun, 11th June 2017 15th May 2017 11th July 2017
Sun, 5th November 2017 9th October 2017 5th December 2017

YCT Exam Dates

Test Date Registration Deadline Results Released
Sat, 13th May 2017 16th April 2017 13th June 2017

HSK and BCT exams take place at the University of Leeds. The YCT exam will be held at Harrogate Grammar School (one of our Confucius Classrooms).

The Business Confucius Institute provides preparation courses for all levels of the HSK test.

Diagnostic analysis and explanation based on mock exam practice form an integral part of the course. Students have the opportunity to learn test-taking strategies, analyse past exam papers and review essential vocabulary and grammar patterns. This enhances their overall performance in listening, reading comprehension and written composition for the HSK exam.

Courses are scheduled subject to demand and tailored to the students' needs. If you are interested in doing a preparation course for the HSK please email to discuss this further.

You must complete the following two steps to register for a Chinese Proficiency Exam:

  1. Register for the exam on - download instructions for creating an account, or if you already have an account follow these instructions to sign up for an exam.
  2. Once registered for the exam, pay the fee via The University of Leeds online store before the registration deadline (see 'Exam Dates' tab).

Applicants will be issued with an admission ticket and directions to the test centre after we have processed your registration.

The time and place specified on the admission ticket may be subject to change. You will receive confirmation of your exam date and time prior to the exam.

You will need to bring the ticket and personal ID when attending the exam.

HSK Exam Fees

HSK Level 1 £10
HSK Level 2 £20
HSK Level 3 £30
HSK Level 4 £40
HSK Level 5 £50
HSK Level 6 £60

BCT Exam Fees

BCT A £35
BCT B £55

YCT Exam Fees

YCT Level 1 £5
YCT Level 2 £10
YCT Level 3 £20
YCT Level 4 £25

Please Note: We are unable to refund the exam fee once registered.

See the previous tab for detailed instructions about the registration process.

If you require further assistance with registration please email