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Global Fusion: a triumph for intercultural awareness

Posted in: Confucius Institute

Months of hard work by a team of Intercultural Ambassadors, mentored by the Business Confucius Institute’s Ellen Wang, culminated in an amazing cross-cultural show.

The Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall at the University of Leeds was full to capacity for the show, which took place on the evening of March 1st as part of the World Unite Festival, an annual celebration of the different faiths, cultures and identities that make up the University of Leeds.

The Intercultural Ambassadors – themselves a mix of students from all over the world including China, Germany and the UK - had been working on the event since September for the Intercultural Ambassadors programme. The scheme aims to create opportunities for people to experience different cultures on campus and in the community, and gives the students who participate the valuable opportunity to enhance their intercultural awareness and project management skills. The ‘Global Fusion’ team were mentored by Ellen Wang, Operations Manager at the Business Confucius Institute at the University of Leeds (BCIUL). They worked closely with Ellen throughout the project and benefitted from her extensive experience of organising cultural events.

The audience was treated to a range of performers representing different countries and cultures and making innovative links between them. Acts included Hula dancing, freestyle Hip-Hop dance, and various singing recitals. Kari Medalla, herself an Intercultural Ambassador, sang two songs, James Bay’s ‘Let it Go’ on the guitar with verses in Japanese, and Alicia Key’s ‘If I ain’t got You’ on the piano with verses in Spanish, showcasing not only her vocal and instrumental talent, but her linguistic ability. Yu-Hsin Yu and Jiani Yu combined ancient tradition and modern American Hip-Hop, playing Wiz Khalifa’s ‘See You Again’ on the Guzheng (Chinese Zither) with a dance accompaniment based on Tibetan folk dance, and resulting in a truly captivating performance. 

A raffle was drawn with generous prizes from STA Travel, Singkee Asian Supermarket, Blackwell’s, MFA Bowls, Hyde Park Picture House and BCIUL.

The finale was a performance of three songs by Chinese singer-songwriter Su Zixu and his band, accompanied by music students from the University of Leeds.  Su, an artist who has appeared on Chinese music television show ‘Sing my Song’, is nearing the end of a UK tour where he’s been writing, recordings and performing. The first two songs he played, ‘Bear with Me’ and ‘Running through the Night’ were written on this trip and had never been performed before the show – providing a world exclusive for Global Fusion. The third piece was composed as part of a workshop held on the previous evening, where Su and a group of students set themselves the challenge of composing and arranging a song in just two hours. Despite such tight time constraints, the resulting piece of music was beautiful and a fitting end to such a daring show.

This celebration of culture was broadcast around the world through the online live stream, creating a truly global audience and also allowing overseas friends and family of the performers to enjoy the show.

The night was a resounding success and a testament to the hard work of the student ambassadors, creating an experience that not only celebrated different cultures, but brought people together.

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The recording of the show is still available to view on

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