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Hanban scholarships provide funding for study in China. Visit their website for the latest information about scholarships, including when and how to apply. This page includes some of the background information that you may find useful.

Applicants for Hanban scholarships need to have a HSK certificate. Find out more about the HSK and check Leeds exam dates here.

What is the Confucius Institute Scholarship Programme?

The Confucius Institute Scholarship programme sponsors foreign students, scholars and Chinese-language teachers to proceed to a Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (BTCSOL or MTCSOL), or study in such majors as Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese History and Chinese Philosophy in designated universities of China.

The Programme was established in 2009. By 2013, more than 20,000 applicants from 150 countries had been funded to study in China.

The information that we have received from institutions offering scholarships is available below for you to download. On this page you can also find the general guidance from Hanban about applying for scholarships. All this information is also available on their website.


Shaanxi Normal University

Download application guidelines in English and Chinese.

Tianjin University

Download application guidelines in English and Chinese.

South-Central University for Nationalities (Wuhan)

Download the programme details and application procedures.

Ningbo University

Visit their website.

Scholarship Categories and Eligibility Criteria

The scholarship is divided into 5 categories:

  • Scholarship for Students of Master's Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL)
  • Scholarship for Students of One-Academic-Year + MTCSOL
  • Scholarship for Students of Bachelor's Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (BTCSOL)
  • Scholarship for One-Academic-Year Students
  • Scholarship for One-Semester Students

Applicants shall be non-Chinese citizens in good health, aged between 16 and 35 (Chinese language teachers in post shall be aged below 45, and applicants for BTCSOL scholarship should be aged below 20).

For more information, please refer to the Recruitment Procedures for Confucius Institute Scholarships.

Scholarship Coverage and Criteria

Scholarship recipients are exempt from registration fees, tuition, fees for basic learning materials, accommodation fees on campus, and are provided with one-off resettlement subsidy, monthly allowance, outpatient medical service and comprehensive insurance for foreign students studying in China.

Monthly allowances are at the following rates (CNY Yuan per month):

  • CNY 1,400 for one-semester students, one-academic-year students and students undertaking BTCSOL.
  • CNY 1,700 for students undertaking MTCSOL.

The one-off resettlement subsidy is CNY 1,500 for students who will study in China for one academic year or more; CNY 1,000 will be provided to all students who studies in China for one semester; the one-off resettlement subsidy will not be provided to those who have studied in China for more than half a year before being enrolled.

Recruitment Procedures

From the issue date of the Procedures, applicants should log on to the Confucius Institute Scholarship website at, set up an individual account, read information and introduction of host institutes and majors, complete and submit the Confucius Institute Scholarship Application Form online.

Confucius Institutes (independently set-up Confucius Classrooms), overseas Chinese test centers, educational and cultural offices (sections) of Chinese Embassies (Consulates), host institutes and institutions of higher education in those countries with no Confucius Institutes are entrusted by Confucius Institute Headquarters to accept applications, select and recommend eligible candidates for the scholarship.

Host institutes are responsible for reviewing the qualification of applicants.

Confucius Institute Headquarters will organize an expert panel to make the final selection and publish the name list of successful applicants on the Scholarship website, which will be informed to applicants through recommending institutions.

The host institutes will post “Admission Notice”, “Enrollment Instructions”, “Visa Application Form for Foreigners to Study in China" (JW202 Form) and photocopies of Confucius Institute Scholarship Certificate to successful applicants through their recommending institutions.

Application Documents

Applicants must log onto the Scholarship website, fill out the “Confucius Institute Scholarship Application Form”, and attach the electronic files of the following materials:

1. Photocopy of Passport photo page.
2.Photocopy of HSK and HSKK score reports.
3.Notarized highest education diplomas attained (scheduled graduation proof or official proof of study).
4.Reference Letter and Letter of Commitment. The Master’s Degree Scholarship applicants are required to submit reference letters provided by two professors or associate professors (in Chinese or English). A written commitment stating that the applicant will be engaged in Chinese language teaching for at least 5 years after graduation (written in Chinese and sign  with signature). Students attending Chinese language programs of universities in countries with no Confucius Institutes established shall attach a reference letter signed and issued by the university President.
5.Applications under the age of 18 shall submit relevant legal documents of entrusted legal guardians in China.
6.Winners of the finals of the “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competitions for Foreign College Students and for Foreign High School Students in China shall submit the scholarship certificate. Winners of preliminary rounds of the “Chinese Bridge” Proficiency Competitions in their countries shall provide award proof and reference letter provided by the organizers.
7.Chinese language teachers shall submit certificate of employment and recommendation letters provided by institutes they work for.
8.Applicants for scholarship of One-Academic-Year + MTCSOL are required to provide the agreement signed with the Confucius Institute or the institute which they will be working for.
9.Other materials required by host institutes.

Annual Appraisal

Students undertaking BTCSOL or MTCSOL (including One-Academic-Year + MTCSOL), shall be subject to an annual appraisal organized by the host institutes before the end of the first school year after being enrolled according to the “Annual Appraisal Procedures for Confucius Institute Scholarship”. Only the eligible students are entitled to continue to receive the scholarships in the following year.

For contact information of host institutes and the Recruitment Procedures for Confucius Institute Scholarship, please visit the website at

Contact Information

Division of Scholarships, Confucius Institute Headquarters / Hanban

Address: 129, Deshengmenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, 100088.

Fax :+86-10-58595937

Confucius Institute Scholarship Website:

HSK and HSKK Website :