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We aim to make Leeds a leader in the field of socio-technical systems design, to create processes and environments that are a result of marrying an understanding of human behaviour with technical expertise.

Time for a rethink about office space (Entrepreneur, 19/3/14)
26 March 2014

A paper co-authored by Dr Matthew Davis (LUBS) is referenced in this article about office layout and efficiency. This builds upon the recent coverage of the same work in the New Yorker and taps into...

Congratulations, Matt!
26 March 2014

Matt Davis has been nominated for a partnership award by his students on LUBS 2790 (Corporate Responsibility) and will find out later in the month if he has been short-listed. The students said:...

BPS Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP) Selection & Assessment Event

STC are holding a BPS Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP) networking event on Thursday 3rd April 6-8pm at LUBS. This will be a panel event on ‘The evolution of assessment in improving employee selection and development’.

ALIP economic and business modelling workshop

Lauren Beaumont presented at the ALIP economic and business modelling workshop, 12 March 2014, London. The presentation outlined the current research of the MALT project which supports the move from current telehealth business and organizational...


We offer two specialist MSc courses carefully crafted to provide students with the core psychological principles, methods and skill set to tackle the challenges facing 21st century organizations. These courses have been designed to offer training specially tailored to students’ backgrounds.

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