The GROW Vision:

We are an international network of leading universities and businesses creating new knowledge and practical insights to support organizations, and their people, in promoting environmentally sustainable behaviours.


Encouraging individuals to engage in environmentally sustainable behaviours attracts an ever-increasing level of media, public, policy and research interest. The GROW network explores how we can encourage individual employees to act in more sustainable ways at work (often where there is little obvious direct benefit to the employee).  This network brings a multi-disciplinary and international lens to the problem – drawing together academics, industrialists and policy-makers interested in this issue.


The network sets out to try to offer suggestions as to how employees can be encouraged to act in more sustainable ways.  Complex problems are often an inter-related mix of behavioural, technological, organizational and societal factors and this is a prime example.  The GROW network aims to build collaboration across social and organizational psychology, management, engineering, architecture and environmental science disciplines, to develop truly integrated responses.  The network will also be actively seeking contributions and challenges from policy-makers and the industrial sector.

The network is keen to establish research relationships and projects with organizations interested in encouraging environmentally sustainable work behaviours. Collaborative projects provide an opportunity for members of the network to work together to apply their knowledge and experience. This can result in valuable advice for organizations developing environmental or employee engagement programmes, whilst also providing useful case studies for the network. 

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