Costs and Funding

"The location of Hong Kong made it very convenient to travel to a number of countries including, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia. Planning these trips helped me to greatly improve my planning and organisation skills and making sure I had budgeted enough money."

Alasdair Glen studied abroad at the City University of Hong Kong.

Yes. However, for Home/EU students the fees are vastly reduced from the usual fee. Currently the amount payable to Leeds for the year abroad is £1350. For International students, you should check your tuition fees with the Fees team.

Yes. You are still entitled to your student tuition fee loan and maintenance loan for your year abroad. 

Erasmus Funding

Currently all students taking part in a European exchange do so within the Erasmus scheme and are eligible to receive funding from the EU. This grant amount is reviewed each year but as a guide, you may be eligible for a grant of up to €450 per month.  

Further details are available on the University of Leeds Study Abroad website


There are some scholarships available that students studying in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, USA or Canada can apply for. These are all funded by organisations unattached to the University of Leeds, and should not be relied upon as a source of funding.

Further details are available via the University of Leeds Study Abroad website.


Leeds Bursary and other on-going scholarships

Students entitled to the Leeds bursary are normally eligible for a bursary when studying abroad. If you receive a scholarship to study at the University of Leeds you may be able to keep this funding during your studies overseas. Contact the Access and Community Engagement Office to discuss the continuation of your scholarship as early as possible, to enable them to make arrangements before you leave the UK.


Travel Grants from Student Finance

If you are receiving student finance that depends on your household income, e.g. Maintenance Loan or Maintenance Grant, you may be eligible to receive a travel grant which could be used to cover a return journey from the UK to your host country, mandatory medical insurance, and visa costs. However, please note that the loan provider will not reimburse the full amount of your expenses. You have to cover the first £303 of the total claim. If you are eligible, Student Finance will send you the necessary application forms. When you apply, you will be required to submit evidence of costs incurred, so make sure you keep any receipts and proof of payments.

Further details are available via the University of Leeds Study Abroad website

Costs vary hugely between countries, areas and even between universities within the same country so it is very important that you do your research well ahead of time and budget accurately for your year abroad.

Please visit the Study Abroad website to find out more about the Costs and Funding for the year abroad. 

Student Feedback on Costs

This information is based upon feedback from students who studied abroad in 2015/16 and 2014/15; it reflects their personal experiences and costs may be subject to change. Costs will not necessarily be the same for every student.

University Accommodation (per month) Local Travel (e.g. bus/train pass etc) (per month) General Comments/Advice
Singapore Management University S$800 S$40-50 Singapore is generally a very expensive place to live. Worth it getting a job while there if money is tight.
ESSCA Shanghai, China £320-520 Metro - 30p per ride Hidden costs - beware
Zhejeang University, China £120 (university halls) £2 General living costs are cheap in China except if you eat western food
Ritsumeikan University, Japan (2014/15) £270 (university halls) £90 Transport in Japan is quite expensive - suggest getting a bike. Cooking is cheapest option for food.
Waseda University, Japan (2014/15) £360 £25 Buy a metro card; eating on campus is cheaper.
City University of Hong Kong £900 per year (university halls) £20 (approx) Hong Kong really cheap for students. Student Octopus Card.
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology £200 £5 (lived on campus) I would recommend living in university halls as they are relatively cheap
Hong Kong Polytechnic £550 per semester £25 Eating on campus is cheaper. Live in halls, it is significantly cheaper than private accomadation.
National Taiwan University £150 £40-50 Very cheap in general
University Accommodation (per month) Local Travel (e.g. bus/train pass etc) (per month) General Comments/Advice
Griffith University £500 £20-30 Expensive. Get a part time job (high pay).
Monash University £375 £60 Expensive if socialising/going out. Food isn't too bad and transport with a concession card is cheap.
Newcastle University £625 university halls £40 Very expensive. Need more than the loan provides to cover the costs.
University of New South Wales £575 £25 Sydney across the board was more expensive than what I was used to. Money can always be saved doing frequent trips to the larger supermarkets, on campus shops were very expensive.
University of Queensland £115 per week £10 per week Get a job. Even if you work 5 hours per week the wage is incredible and will help so much especially if travelling.
Queensland University of Technology £480 £20-30 Be prepared to spend a lot at the beginning for start-up costs and accomodation bonds.
University of Sydney £600 £20 per week (had a concession opal card) The pay in Australia is really good, so it is a good idea to work out there. Personally I did not find Sydney to be as expensive as people made out.
University of Technology Sydney AU$1100 £40 Go to the markets and cheap stores.
University Accommodation (per month) Local Travel (e.g. bus/train pass etc.) (per month) General Comments/Advice
Alberta University (2014/15) First term: CAD$2000 (private housing); second term: CAD$4500 (halls) Free transport with student card (CAD$200) Definitely save beforehand with a part-time job/internship; the meal plan compulsory in halls is not good value; you can easily get a job on campus.
Brock University (2014/15) Private CAD$450 (including bills) CAD$187 for year (compulsory) Don't live in halls! It's expensive.
Concordia University £180 approx. (including bills) CAD$180 for 4 month period Make sure you take full advantage of the student finance travel grant, this was a lifesaver. Also live of campus if you want to save money as this can save hundreds of dollars a month and do not worry about a shortage of housing.
Ryerson University £400 £58 Save up beforehand so you can get the most out of the time without worrying about money. Use transferwise to convert currency.
University of British Colombia CAD$6800 per year (university halls) £90 per term (U-pass) I found Vancouver quite expensive for food and going out costs. Halls were affordable especially compared to renting privately. If planned well would not have seemed as pricey.
Université du Québec à Montréal £250 (university halls) £20 (month pass for subway) Accommodation can be as cheap as you want it to be. Keep a record of what you spend/budget.
McMaster University (2014/15) Private CAD$450 Free bus around Hamilton. CAD$22 return to Toronto It's expensive, does depend on level of travelling. Travelling in groups to split cars/hotels will save some money.
University Accommodation (per month) Local Travel (e.g. bus/train pass etc.) (per month) General Comments/Advice
Berlin School of Economics and Law €200 halls, €500 private €240 semester ticket A lot cheaper than leeds. Stay in student accomodation, use Aldi/Lidl/Netto. Use buses for travelling.
Copenhagen Business School £500 halls, £600 private £20-30 Copenhagen was very expensive for everything. ERASMUS helped. Eat in - eating out v.expensive.
ESSCA Angers (2014/15) €400 in private halls (€150 covered by CAF) €30 for bus and tram pass. Free bike hire from the city. Worked in the summer and saved around £700 before going
ESSCA Budapest (2014/15) £400 - but possible to find £250-350 £12 for public transport pass Very cheap for Europe - I spent lots as I took advantage of this! Buy the student transport pass.
ESSCA Paris £700 private €70 Similar to London - just watch what you're spending.
IE University Madrid €575 €20 (metro pass) The cost of some things are cheaper in Spain, however spent more because were doing more social activities all the time.
Lund University £325 £50 Socialising is very expensive. Buy a bike - bus is unecessary. Try to avoid eating out.
Lyon £500 £100  
Mannheim £250 €110 semester (travel pass) It was very cheap. Shop at Penny's Supermarket. Buy a semester ticket.
Stockholm University £240 £40 Food and drink are very expensive in Sweden.
TBS Barcelona € 480 € 30 Barcelona is, on the whole, very good value. Particularly groceries and eating and drinking out.
University Accommodation (per month) Local Travel (e.g. bus/train pass etc.) (per month) General Comments/Advice
California State: Monteray Bay £600 $30 (uber) Find an american friend to drive to cheaper supermarkets. Use uber and the free bus system.
University of California: Berkeley (2014/15) Private/co-op $700 $0 Live in co-ops (Berkeley student co-op housing).
University of California: San Diego (2014/15) $900 $0 Be aware of phone bills, more expensive than anticipated. Buying a car could be economical rather than renting.
Drexel University (2014/15) $740 Walked everywhere. Subway: $2 per trip Housing quite expensive if you want your own room ( I shared with 2 others!). Work in the summer as getting a job is difficult. Eat in with friends.
University of Kansas $1000 including food $750 I worked during my seoncd year and did in internship. Save up so you can travel and make the most of it.
University of Massachusetts, Amherst $825 (university halls) $0 - free for students Amherst town was reasonably priced. Generally American textbooks are very expensive. Food and accommodation reasonable.
University of Minnesota $5000 (per year) $40 Fresh food is expensive. Get a job on campus.
Northern Arizona University £100 per week (halls - on campus) Flagstaff bus = free. Gas in AZ cheap. Different stores sell different groceries so shop around.
North Carolina State $450 $100 It was pretty expensive. Bus was free but bus service was not great.
SUNY Brockport $3000 (university halls) No public transport. Campus shuttle to supermarket - free flights, greyhound depend on season. Once halls and meal plan is paid, spend money on travelling, no need to buy extra food etc…
University of South Carolina $600 N/A You can survive just using wifi. Don't need phone contract. Don't buy textbooks. Sort out meal plan on Day 1.
UCLA $1000-$1500 (inc meal plan) $1 bus to beach, ubers $10/15 LA relatively expensive but certain things are cheaper.
University of Western New England (2014/15) Uni halls $850 $80 A lot more than I expected. Book in advance.
University of Wisconsin-Madison $8500 $0 free bus pass Halls were much more expensive than here, so maybe shared accommodation in a house if looking to save money.